How to Find out Who hosts a Website ?

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Know the Hosting Company of any Website using Simple Sources and Tools, Here in this article, I will guide you through a quick process to find the Website Hosting Partner.

Everyone will have a curiosity to know exactly where their website is hosted and maintained. Some times your hosting provider might tell you that websites are hosted in nearby datacenters but having Server issue.

It is actually a very important step to verify the Datacenters ( Where your website data is Hosted) to make sure that your website is running smoothly & Fast. Even more, every newbie must know few Technical things to run about website

Here along with Finding the “Who is hosting My website” and we will know more things about website & Server

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If your website is loading slow or getting down often, It might be due to many reasons and one of the main reason might be Geolocation of your website.

The website has to be hosted in any data center to access it worldwide using the internet and every website will have a specified IP Address (The IP Address can be shared IP Address or Dedicated IP Address)

The website Geolocation is the place where your website is hosted.

Let’s Imagine two websites of the same content are hosted in two data centers, one is in the United States and another is in your country with the same infrastructure. Then the latency rate of the website hosted in the US will more than the latency rate of a website hosted in your country datacenter.

What is the latency rate?

How to Find out Who hosts a WebsiteLatency rate is the time taken to receive the complete data of a website from a server to the client (Browser)

How does the Internet show up your website?

  1. Every website will have a specified IP Address and DNS
  2. Whenever you enter the website name, It passes through your ISP and your ISP will have all website IP and DNS Addresses in their databases which are obtained from Domain Registers.
  3. Then the request is passed from your Browser to the hosted datacenter.
  4. The request is passed by the server and the data will be sent to your browser.


If both you and hosted datacenter is in the same locality, then the latency rate will be low.

Similarly, If you and the hosted datacenter are in different localities, the latency rate may be high due to the long-distance required to travel through net cables and optical fiber cables.

Now, let’s figure out exactly in which data center, a Website is hosted.

Who is Hosting your website?

It is very easy to check the website hosting provider by using the following URL. https://hostingchecker.com/

What if the website is using Cloudflare for speeding up their website speed?

Well, we can know Cloudflare hosted websites hosting provider details also in Just two steps.

Find Hosting Company of the Website using Cloudflare:

Step 1: Go to http://leafdns.com/ and input domain name.

Step 2: Scroll Down to MX Tests section and there you find the Real IP Address of your hosting provider and you can check the hosting provider by this IP.

Step 3: Go to https://www.whoishostingthis.com/ and input the IP Address and on the next page, you can find all the details of Datacenter where your website is hosted.

We hope this article helps you and we request you to leave your questions and feedback in the comments section.

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