What is WordPress and How it works?

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WordPress has been Best Content Management System and it covers over 59.4% of the Websites available online. it actually allows customizing to a large extent that allows the majority of the developers to quick install & Setup. Even a Newbie in web design can make a website using WordPress

What is WordPress? And how do WordPress works?

Well, WordPress is a free CMS (Content Management System) developed as free software by Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg in the year 2003. WordPress is licensed under GPLv2.

WordPress CMS | What is WordPress | WordPress Usage

WordPress is built on PHP and MYSQL.

WordPress is initially used for creating blogs without coding knowledge. Many people used to develop plugins for WordPress and Now WordPress has more than 1 Lakh plugins available. Most of the plugins are freeware with limitations.

Due to the flexibility and usage, WordPress is now being used by 80% of websites.

Using WordPress, We can develop

  1. Personal Website
  2. Commercial Website
  3. Blogs
  4. Ecommerce Website
  5. Matrimonial Website
  6. Classified website
  7. And many more.

Till now WordPress has released 400+ versions.

WordPress basically runs based on

  1. Themes
  2. Plugins
  3. Media Files

WordPress contains a file named wp-config.php, Which stores the database information. Most of the information and content is stored in the database only.

In WordPress version 5.3, WordPress has 3 Folders and 17 Files.

3 Folders are

  1. WP-Admin
  2. WP-Content
  3. Wp-Includes

Other 17 Files are

  1. .htaccess
  2. index.php
  3. license.txt
  4. readme.html
  5. Wp-activate.php
  6. Wp-blog-header.php
  7. Wp-comments-post.php
  8. Wp-config.php
  9. Wp-cron.php
  10. Wp-links-opml.pjp
  11. Wp-load.php
  12. Wp-login.php
  13. Wp-mail.php
  14. Wp-settings.php
  15. Wp-signup.php
  16. Wp-trackback.php
  17. php

To learn about all the files and folders usage, visit this link.

WordPress basically creates 12 tables in database. They are

  1. wp_commentsmeta
  2. wp_comments
  3. wp_links
  4. wp_options
  5. wp_postmeta
  6. wp_posts
  7. wp_termdata
  8. wp_terms
  9. wp_term_relationships
  10. wp_term_taxonomy
  11. wp_usermeta
  12. wp_users

To learn about the use of all the tables in wordpress, please visit this link.

Table prefix wp_ can be changed during WordPress installation

WordPress stores all your data such as Website name, URLs, Product URLs, Category names, content, and much more in the database only.

WordPress does not store any webpage. It creates webpage per URL by extracting content from the database.

When a user requests a WordPress powered website. Then WordPress will go through the following process.

  1. WordPress checks for these files.
  2. Then Checks for plugins files
  3. Then WordPress checks for URL in the database.
  4. WordPress extracts data from the database and build the page based on themes and plugins.


WordPress basic URLs:

1.Wordpress login page (If not changed, by default)

https://your-domain.com/login or https://your-domain.com/wp-login.php

2. WordPress Admin Dashboard page can be assessed after login or used to login


3.Wordpress Plugin page. It can be assessed only after logging in to wordpress


You can download WordPress plugins from wordpress.org to download and install manually. To know how to install or update plugins manually please check here.

Advantages of WordPress

  1. Makes developing a website much easier
  2. Does not require Coding knowledge to use WordPress
  3. Easy to publish articles, products, events and much more
  4. WordPress automatically generated SEO data


Disadvantages of WordPress

  1. WordPress makes multiple requests to build one page. Hence it takes a bit more time to view a page.
  2. WordPress plugins and themes may crash at any time due to multiple reasons. Please check the following link to make sure your WordPress runs without any issues.
  3. Sometimes a WordPress can throw an error in establishing a database connection. Please check this link on how to solve the database connection issue.

Conclusion: I recommend using WordPress with the best hosting provider who provides managed hosting service such as serverbasket.com.

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