9 Essential(Useful) Softwares for Windows PC

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Most of us will be using Windows OS, It might be Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10. And just an operating System can not support all the virtual tasks on PC. In that case, we require individual Softwares to run the Programs & do the tasks in it. If you have missed few useful softwares after New Windows OS installation, then you can go through the below Check list.

9 Essential(Useful) Softwares for Windows PC

9 Essential(Useful) Softwares for Windows PC | Useful Softwares for PC | Helpful Softwares for Windows | Softwares for Windows

We use PC for n number of tasks besides entertainment and work. Isn’t it?

When it comes to Entertainment, We do watching Videos, Listening songs, doing photo editing, video editing, playing games, surfing etc… and for Regular Work Routine includes a lot of Softwares to run & execute the tasks

To do so we require many softwares / applications and we are listing a few out of them to install them on any PC.

  1. VLC (Videolan Player): It is one of the most widely used media player for Watching videos, Movies, Shows etc…  and for listening to Audio Books and Musics.

Using VLC player you can do lot of things such as

  • Taking screenshot of a video
  • Recording a video
  • Converting a video format
  • Streaming online video and saving it.
  • You can also use VLC to capture video from your Webcam


2. Photoshop:  Adobe Photoshop is not essential tool to all, but It is one of the important application for us to enhance our creativity and talent.

3. Browser: We all need one browser for surfing internet and we recommend the browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Brave for better speed and easy to use.

4. Archiving Softwares: We recommend Winrar as archiving software, since it is lightweight and compresses data to multiple archive types such as RAR, ZIP, ISO, 7Z etc…   It is also capable to decompress all most all types of archives around 20+ archive types.

5.Microsoft Office: I hope so, It is not required to tell what it  does, But it is one of the most important application in our life for creating and viewing Docs, sheets, presentations etc…

6. PDF Reader: In today world. most people share documents in pdf format as it is easy to share and can be viewed easily. We recommend Adobe Reader for Viewing Files and Adobe Acrobat Reader for Creating and Editing PDF files.

7.Torrent Downloader: We all love downloading from internet and most of the times we find our required files on torrents and we require a torrent client to download them. So, We suggest utorrent or bittorrent as the torrent downloading applications due to their great interface and faster downloading mechanism.

8. Download Managers: As said above, We all love downloading but just browsers cant download everything as fast as Downloading managers do. We recommend Eagleget Download manager as it is free to use, having great User interface, Downloads at faster speed and gives you ability to Pause and Resume.  It can always download online streaming videos to your PC easily in desired quality.

9.Text Editing applications: We keep on adding and editing notes in our work life and we suggest you to use sublime text as your text editor to make your life easier and makes your editing easy and fast than normal Notepad and Notepad++

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