What are File extensions? File Extensions Types: Ms Word, Excel, PDF, Image, Video Etc

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Every file has one Extension such as movie.mp4, song.mp3 etc…  Here mp4 and mp3 are the extensions and they determine the types of file.

What Are File Extensions?

File Extensions types ms word excel pdf | What are Filel ExGenerally, a digital file consists of two parts in a name divided by a dot (.).

Example: resume.docx

Here Resume is the file name and Docx is an extension, which determines the type of a file. Extensions are also called as formats for media files

Here we tried to list out some extensions

Image Formats File Extensions:

JPEG, JPG, JIFF, TIFF, ICO, PNG, SVG, GIF etc… are the most widely used image extensions. Most of the photo viewers and editors can open JPEG, JPG, JIFF, TIFF, PNG formats

SVG and GIF are viewed by browsers.

Video Formats File Extensions:

MP4, 3GP, MOV, MKV, VOB, AVI, FLV are the most popular video file extensions and can be viewed by many types of video players.

Video files are having two things to consider for getting quality.

One is the frame rate and other is Resolution.

Most of the videos contain 25fps (Frames per Second), Video resolution differs based on capturing devices. The higher resolution makes better quality videos. Most of the videos are having an aspect ratio of 16:9 or 4:3(Old ratio)

We recommend using VLC Media player for Video files.

Audio Formats File Extensions

MP3, AMR, OMR are the famous audio formats and be listened using various audio players such as Windows Media players, VLC Media player etc…

Audio files are known by bitrate per second as quality. Example: 320Kbps, 128 Kbps etc….

The higher bit rate gives more quality

Word File Extension:

Doc, Docx are the file types created by Word processing programs such as Microsoft Word, Openoffice, Limbra Office etc…

Excel File Extension:

XLS, XLSX, CSV are the file types used for storing data as tables and are created by Microsoft Excel, Open Office etc…

PDF is the most widely used format and can be viewed by adobe reader. PDF Stands for Portable Document Reader. PDF documents can be edited using special softwares such as Adobe Acrobat.

HTML, PHP, CSS, JS, SQL are the file types used by web developers.

HTML, CSS and JS are read by browsers. SQL requires SQL programs to view and run sql statements

PHP is known as html pre-processor and it is server side scripting language.

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