How to Delete Google Photos Account

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How to delete Google Photos: Google Photos App has Auto-Sync on the Android Phone when you link a Gmail account to it. It acts like a Gallery app which adds all the Captures images and videos from Camera app when you have a internet access. if you want to delete Google Photos Account, you can quickly uninstall it. But it does not remove the media Files (Pictures & Videos) from Google Photos App. Hence you have to perform few tasks and remove all the traces to permanently remove the app with no files in it.

How to delete Google Photos account?

Delete Google Photos Account Permanently | Remove Google Photos Account

Besides Google Photos App, Every Gallery app has a data backup feature. So you need to pick all the images and remove from the application permanently. To do it right way follow the below process.

1) Turn off the Auto-Sync on Google Photos App

Go to Google Photos App:

1) Navigate to Account settings by tapping on profile icon

2) Scroll down to reach Auto-Sync Button Option

3) Turn off the toggle Switch of the Data Backup Feature

2) Shift all the Photos from App:

Before you get to delete the Google photos account, make a Copy all the photos to PC and other storage area and Remove the files ( Leave no files in the app)

3) Deactivate or Unlink Google Photos Account:

Go to Dashboard of Google Photos app, navigate to Menu(Three Lines), Tap on Account name. Then Click on ‘Remove Active Account’

This way you unlink your account from Account from Google Photos App

After Considering all the tasks mentioned above, you are good to go & delete the Google Photos now

4) Sign Out of Google Completely:

Even if you unlink the account from gmail, to completely detach the account, Sign out the Gmail account from your smartphone.

5) Uninstall or Remove the Google Photos App:

Now you performed all the important tasks, therefore to finally stay away from the uninstall the app from the Phone.

To refresh the phone, Just Restart the phone

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