How to Control Mouse with the Keyboard

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Control mouse with the keyboard: Well we all use Mouse in our daily tech-life for desktops, laptops, all in ones etc… But what If our mouse fails to function properly due to long use. We usually use left click more than right-click. What if your left click button fails to work perfectly. What if your mouse button becomes more sensitive and clicks multiple times for one-click or if it won’t work even though you click. We can’t get mouse instantly.

How to control Mouse with the keyboard:

control mouse using keyboard | Control Mouse with Keyboard | Handle Cursor using Keyword in WindowsHere we mention two tricks to use your mouse effectively.

Case 1: Mouse left button clicking multiple times for one click

We don’t use right click more often right

Trick 1:  Change your mouse button functions.

We can change our mouse button functions easily. We can use left button as right button and vice versa. To do this Simply go to Windows search and search for Mouse settings > Advanced Mouse settings > Go to Buttons Tab > In button Configuration panel select “Switch Primary and Secondary buttons.” And then click on OK using right side button (as right side functions as left side button)

That’s it now your mouse left button functions as Right click and Right button as Left click.

Trick 2: Using AUTOHOTKEY to perform left click or Right Click using keyboard.

Step 1: Download and Install Autohotkey software from https://www.autohotkey.com

Step 2: Lets create a ahk script to map left button to one of our non used or less used key in keyboard such as End Key, Page Up key etc…  We can also use combination of keys such that control + end, control + Home etc…

  1. Right click and select new text document.
  2. Now input the following code in the document.





  1. Rename the file as mouse map.ahk

Use can rename as you wish.

Step 3: Now run ahk script and enjoy your new mouse button.

You can also download exe file for mouse mapping (No need to download AutoHotkey or create a file.

Download Mouse mapping tool for 64bit | 32bit

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