How to Block & Even Delete Friends on Snapchat App

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Snapchat is a mobile application accessible for both iOS and Android devices with a core concept. Its main concept is that any video, message, or images that you have sent will get available to your friend.  Initially, Snapchat used to focus on a person or individual sharing of images.

How to Block or delete Friends on Snapchat

But now, you can perform multiple actions like sharing videos, images, make live video conversing. You also can create avatars (Bitmoji), chatting, sharing a story with your friends who follow you on snap chat. There is also an entitle named Discovery features short content structure from significant distributors or publishers including Buzzfeed. It includes various features which incorporate many filters which attracts the users and your followers.

Snapchat provides an option to share your current location, and communicate with the world through online.

The main disadvantage of Snapchat is, many of the users are confusing about accessing a few features. One of them includes deleting a snap chat friend or blocking people. Many of the people are not aware of using this feature which is an easy task to block or delete from your friend’s list. If you have anyone from your list who are annoying to handle, then you can delete or block them from your list in a simple way.

How to Block or delete Friends on Snapchat:

  • The first step to delete a friend from your friend’s list is, opening the Snapchat application in your mobile. Click on the Snapchat icon, and If you are logged in with your id and password, then Snapchat camera view will appear. In case, if you are not logged in with your registered id and password, then ensure to login with your account.
  • Once you logged in using your credentials and checks the camera view, then open the chat button which appears below the left corner of the camera capture button. You can also open this chat page by swiping the screen from left to right.
  • Click on the new chat icon, once you open the chat page. You can see this icon on the top right corner of the display. Your friend’s list will get displayed when you completed clicking on the icon.How to Block or delete Friends on Snapchat
  • Find the one from your friend list whom you want to delete. You can find the person in two ways- by scrolling down until the name comes or type the name in the search field.
  • If you give a long press on the friend’s name for a few seconds, you can view a popup menu. Now open a new menu by clicking the settings button which appears below the pop-up.
  • Now click on the remove friend option which appears below the menu. Now tap on the option ‘remove’ when prompted to confirm the decision that you are removing the friend. If it is an android mobile, click yes when proposed, it just verifies your choice.

If you are too annoyed or disturbed with the person, you can easily block them. All you need to do is, open the friend’s list and select the person you want to block. Now, select their name from the list and hold on the name for a while to get a menu popup. Select the block option, once the popup appears. Finally, confirm the block option by tapping Block on the popup.

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