Top 5 Anonymous Phone Tracker Apps/Softwares 2020

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Anonymous phone tracker: Tracking Softwares or applications provides information of all the activities running in a device. This apps helps to keep track of Kids in a family. Besides Parental controls features in Devices, Tracking activities like Content accessed on the internet, Device Location, personal info Shared online, Etc will definitely avoid the misuse of the device.

Mobile Tracking apps are mostly used on Children’s devices. Because Smartphone has become the most important thing for its features like Internet Banking, Online Payment, Conference calls, Studying online, Mobile Gaming, Etc. out of this, Children are attracted to online gaming. This way, smartphones are in-kids hands with no knowledge of online adult content, Scam, hacking activities

How to Anonymously Track a Phone?

Top Rated anonymous phone tracker Apps | Anonymous Phone Tracker | 2020You can keep an eye on any person’s smartphones with few apps, this app are Tracking software. This Apps mainly runs in the background without displaying on-screen (in secret). Therefore the user has no sign while using the Smartphone.

This day tracking apps are developed by different companies and you can try them based on the tracking Features. To make the process little easier for you, I have shortlisted a few of the Top Rated Mobile tracker apps below.

5 Anonymous phone tracker Apps Online 2020:

1) TheOneSpy:

theonespy | anonymous Phone tracker

TheOneSpy is a Highly Secure Spy application with a bundle of mobile Tracking features. It tracks all the missed, inbound Conversations from a simple web portal.


-> Restrict Specific Number from Target Device

-> Trace location of the device with Mobile number

-> Access all the Voice Calls

-> Get Call history and the recordings

-> Hidden Monitoring App on Target device

2) Thetruthspy:

thetruthspy | anonymous Phone tracker

Thetruthspy is the Best Phone Tracking software with a lot of hidden features, based on the chosen plan from Standard, Premium, Gold. This Plans unlocks the accessibility features to spy till deep level.


-> Location tracking of Mobile

-> Spy on Text messages received on Mobile

-> Get details of Voice Calls

-> Access the call recordings

-> Monitoring the Chats on Social Apps

3) Cocospy:

cocospy | anonymous Phone tracker

Get Cocospy App for Parental with remote Surveillance technology. It helps to track the activity of any Smartphone with unique features of Location tracking, text Messages & more while being anonymous


-> Remotely Track Voice Calls & Text messages

-> Check all activities on installed applications

-> Unhide the chats on Social Apps: Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram Etc

-> Access the Browsing history on the Internet

4) mSpy

mspy | anonymous Phone tracker

mSpy has the most popular app in Device tracking Category. It has improved the Levels of Transparent, Accountable features to provide a secure platform to the users.


-> Get detailed call logs from the Spying device

-> Geo-Location(GPS) Tracking

-> Monitor Web History and internet logs

-> Check out Photos and Video captured on devices

5) Flexi Spy:

flexispy | anonymous Phone tracker

Flexi spy is a Multi-Device monitoring App with advanced tracking technologies. Keep track of any device with different operating Platforms like Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac PC


-> Monitor Application available on Suspicious/Target device

-> Access all the digital Chats & Communications

-> Check every alert in Flexi Spy Mobile application

-> Records every voice call on Target device

-> Get Geo-Location of the device

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